The workshop activities that run inconjusion with The Tree Listening Installation link to national curriculum.

The headphones that hang from the tree instantly attract people to interact with the tree allowing them to engage in a unique way that develops a connection and understanding of the complexities of these unreadable creatures, this works for all different age groups.

Within the western world it is well documented that we have a 'nature deficiency' to the extent we don't have the opportunity to have access the countryside and when we do it is not in a way that allows for a deep connection and understanding of the environment we are in.

The Tree Listening Project provides a way for children to engage with nature in a new way.

Our vocabulary is constantly changing, but it is particularly concerning that words from nature are being lost, tree names are being removed from Oxford Dictionaries, see this article in The Guardian. 

Within our workshops we pride ourselves that we introduce children to new words such as xylem and the names of the trees around us.

Inspiring the next generation

Since The Tree Listening Project started in 2007 the focus and aim has been to educate and inspire people about how amazing trees are.
The project works directly with schools and via environmental organisations such as the Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust and Yorkshire Agricultural Society, here we run workshops for the children to teach them about how a tree works and what goes on inside.

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