• Alex Metcalf

Returning to RBG Kew

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The Tree Listening Project will be at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew with its largest and most complex installation to date.

For the past 13 years The Tree Listening Project has educated people around the world of the inner workings of trees, by allowing its audiences to listen to the water travelling up through the xylem tubes.

For the first time, exclusive to Kew Gardens, The Tree Listening Project will expand the installation to produce a musically immersive experience into the world of trees. Through a journey of sound scapes hanging the branches of the selected trees, listeners will explore the sounds of the tree’s. The first consisting solely of water transpiration and the second an instrumental interpretation. Both compositions will develop over a series of speakers. The natural sounds recorded from the trees. The second, an original composition for piano quintet, will feature an instrumental interpretation layered over the natural soundscape and will capture and evoke musical interpretations of the natural sounds.

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